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What to expect

As a transformational coach I have been trained to be able to run deeper into your challenges, exploring what’s behind or influencing a particular issue you're experiencing. 

Over the course of our programme together I’ll work with you to sharpen your focus on your desired outcome creating a real sense of order and clarity for you. I’ll tackle any limiting beliefs you might be presenting, challenge patterns of behaviour and replace them with motivating, positive action that sees you achieving your desired outcome.


I work with a wide range of clients and cover a whole host of challenges, both related to work and personal life. As such I take a bespoke approach and will never approach a conversation with specific expectations that a client will fit a certain coaching ‘model’ or template. 


I will be honest, challenge you where necessary and appropriate and always be with you as an equal in our conversations to work to your best possible outcome.


Any industry can become awash with ‘buzz-words’ and coaching is no exception! I try to bring my own personality and humour to our sessions so that we get to know each other well and are comfortable in the time we have together. The process can and should be challenging at times but ultimately the experience should always be positive and I look forward to celebrating your successes with you.

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