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About Me

I am a professional Transformational Coach, working with my clients to bring clarity and meaningful progress.

With a decade’s experience agency-side I am familiar with the many pressures, uncertainties and highs & lows that a career in marketing and advertising brings to an individual. 

I also understand that Agencies are faced with a multitude of challenges. More than just winning and retaining business they are fighting to stay relevant, maintain the right culture, retain talent, foster potential, upskill and keep pace with rapid change.

For an individual coaching provides clarity, removes blockers, builds confidence, increases self awareness, performance and so much more.


For an agency who is only as good as the sum of its parts coaching is proven to increase engagement, efficiency and productivity. It demonstrates commitment to employees, nurtures talent and leadership and has a proven positive impact on the bottom line.


My Background and experience

I started the first chapter of my professional life in the Auction world with international auction house Bonhams. There I spent most of my time working as a specialist and auctioneer in the Automobile division, later running one of the US departments. 


From there I made the move to Advertising & Marketing and have been in the industry for 10 years, most recently as Business Director as well as Director of Learning & Development for LGBTQ+ industry body Outvertising. 


More recently, in 2018 I started a family with my husband, adopting our two children, recalibrating what life meant for us and navigating a significant amount of change, both challenging and extremely positive. 


I’ve trained as a coach through the Animas Centre for Coaching, the leading ICF certified and accredited school for transformational coaching. I’m also a trained mentor and recently designed and launched the first mentor programme specifically aimed at LGBTQ+ people in Marketing & Advertising for industry body Outvertising.

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